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And you thought Greetings from Shokanaw was the first comic strip I've ever done. Not even close. The Sensational Citrus Woman debuted in 1989 and spawned two sequels, both of which are also included here. The artwork is crude, the color is done with colored pencils, the lettering was done by my own unsteady hand, most of the characters are based on people I haven't seen in years and half the jokes are such inside jokes that even I don't remember them anymore. And yet it's a fun story, very different from anything you're likely to ever see on this site, and by posting it here I've probably quadrupled the number of people who've ever read it. Thanks to the poor quality of some original pages and the generally horrifying lettering job, The Sensational Citrus Woman can be a little hard to read at times. If you stick with it, though, I think you might enjoy yourself. Each episode from 1 through 12 contains 2 pages from the original Citrus Woman comic strip. Episodes 13 through 15 are the sequel strip that doesn't actually feature Citrus Woman. Then episodes 16 through 18 are from the sequel strip Secrets of the Spam Lesbains, which also doesn't feature Citrus Woman and also isn't in color and, worst of all, ends smack in the middle of the story (I guess I got real lazy that semester). There's actually one other Citrus Woman strip -- a lost episode, you might say, because I don't own the original artwork for it anymore -- that I'm not including here because the Xerox I have of it is pretty bad and probably won't scan well. It's actually a pretty cute episode, but since it was a birthday gift to the woman upon whom Citrus Woman was loosely based, I can't complain abpout not owning it anymore. I'd bet real money she doesn't own it anymore either. Someday I might dig out the 3 episodes that come before the Citrus Woman strip, but the artwork's really shaky on those, so they're probably best kept in the back of the closet somewhere. But read all this and maybe you'll wonder how I held down a job and went to classes (well, most of them) while doing thess strips. I hope you have fun reading The Sensational Citrus Woman. I seem to recall having a lot of fun creating it.
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