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Week of July 19
Seriously, What Happened To My Jet Pack?!?

Great news, everyone! This message is coming at you directly from the future. I mean, not technically, of course. No matter when you're reading this, obviously it's at some point after I wrote it, unless your hot tub time machine comes with an Internet connection and you're reading this back in 1986 while sipping a wine cooler and listening to Billy Idol on your boom box or whatever the hell we used to listen to back in 1986. If that's the case, well played.

But no, what I mean in this case is today's post is the first one created and uploaded completely on the Treetop Graphics iPad. Sure, I've made some blog posts before from the iPad and even the iPhone, but this one was done without the help of a blogging app. Nope, thanks to FTP On The Go, this page was all done in HTML, baby. Not that I really know how to code in HTML, so it's a good thing I've got a bunch of pages done in Dreamweaver to copy from, but as I get more comfortable with this, the site will finally see some more content updates that don't require me to be seated at my desk, or someplace else with my laptop, which has never traveled too far with me for whatever reason. Hell, the app is also on my iPhone, which is with me almost all the time, so who knows how often I can add updates once I get better at coding?

Among the things I want to try with the iPad is a regularly scheduled comic strip created entirely from a couple of apps purchased for that specific purpose. Regular updates to other parts of the site built on the iPad. Some kind of regular feature in the Fiction section. And some running commentary in the politics section that I realize I need to create and get a URL for. There's a project for Sunday afternoon, I guess. I've got a few more ideas, but until I figure out how to find the time for them, I'm not gonna bore you with the whole list.

As for the iPad itself, it's a really cool device. if you've never tried one, next time you're near a Best Buy or an Apple Store, you should check it out. It's definitely not for everyone, but the whole touchscreen interface is a lot of fun and there's no shortage of great content available whether you prefer to watch, listen or read. And also, there are plenty of ways to create on this thing. That's the main reason I got it -- to find new ways to create. I've been slow getting out of the blocks in doing this, but that's more scheduling than anything else. This iPad just might be the future, and I'm happy to have a chance to play there.

Full disclosure time. I've been wrong before in predicting the future. I was convinced that by now I'd own a jetpack or at least a flying car of some kind. I assumed at some point we'd all have to pick sides in the great Sony-Gap War For World Domination (though swap in Starbucks and Apple and I might still be right about that one). And I was also pretty sure that with Leno gone, I'd finally be able to go back to a long run of being able to watch The Tonight Show whenever I wanted. Plus, I think I had already made plans to go with a group to see Spider-Man 8 starring Tobey Maguire. So I guess what I'm saying is I could be totally off base on this iPad is the future thing. But I don't think I am.

So, thanks for dropping by. Your time and patience are always appreciated. I hope to finally start posting stuff again to keep you coming back on a regular basis. Or at least more lame Top Ten lists. That's where the money is, anyway.

T "come with me if you want to live" green

And, as always, T & Sympathy is brought to you by the Commodore Vic-20, the wonder computer of the 1980s...

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