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Welcome to the Treetop Lounge Swag page, where you can buy a little piece of the Treetop Lounge for your very own. We have two different kinds of products for you to buy here. One kind earns me a couple bucks every time something is sold, and the other kind represents something I've already been paid for, so no matter how many of them you buy I'm not going to see another penny. Not that you should allow those facts to influence your purchasing decisions.

Stuff You Don't Need But Which Puts Money In My Pocket

Visit the Treetop Lounge Store to buy Treetop Lounge merchandise for you, your family, and your friends! Buy enough stuff to pay my rent! Woo hoo! Check back often to see what new products have been added.


Stuff That's Been Published

If you head on over to visit the fine people at Blue Cubicle Press who publish The First Line magazine, you can buy 2 magazines and one book that have stories written by Tgreen. Here's what you're looking for:

The Summer 2003 issue (Vol. 5, Iss. 2) includes the story Lord of the Motor Inn.
The Spring 2004 issue (Vol. 6, Iss. 1) includes the story No Comment.

Also, the fiction anthology Workers Write! Tales from the Cubicle includes the story The New Guy Starts Wednesday, about which the San Antonio Current said:

"Workers Write! is written by and about the poor souls who slave away in the gray anonymity of cubicle land, but it is not without a sense of humor or hope. Tom Green's "The New Guy Starts Wednesday" is a clever tale of corporate hazing, in which the nervous new guy is lead about by an unreliable mentor. A cross between Bartelby the scrivener and Fight Club's Tyler Durden, the mentor leads the new guy to break nearly every rule, all the while running verbal circles around him. It's mean, but also kind of funny; the mentor is simultaneously lost in the system and bucking the system."

And the fiction anthology Workers Write! Tales from the Classroom includes the story No Partial Credit, about which the San Antonio Current has said nothing so far.

These two anthologies are also available from Amazon.com, which means you can pick them up while buying that Britney Spears CD you don't want anyone to know you like, or while you sign on for the waiting list for those WKRP DVDs that may someday appear, and will entertain you way longer than either of these anthologies. But the anthologies exist, while the DVDs are little more than a figment of my overactive imagination, and therefore the anthologies are the better bet right now. I'll admit I haven't read all the stories in either book yet, but I'm sure they must be really good if I'm in there with them. I mean, what would my story be doing jammed inside some substandard anthology? So if you happen to be headed to Amazon anyway, keep these in mind:

Workers Write! Tales from the Classroom

Any one of these quality publications would be a fine addition to your library.


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