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Week of October 11

You know how it is; sometimes you just want to feel like you know a little more than everyone else. You want to be the informed person in the conversation. And yet you never really are because you watch more Entertainment Tonight than World News Tonight. That's okay, because Real Live News is here to help. Just take our helpful news quiz and before you know it your mastery of current events will totally get you laid the next time you go out.*

*Actual getting laid is not guaranteed, since I'm not getting laid for writing this, so it's not likely you'll get laid for reading it, but hope springs eternal.

This week Brett Favre:

a. retired again
b. unretired again
c. had pictures of his penis released on the Internet
d. all of the above

In this picture, Miley Cyrus:

a. is performing in her latest video
b. is promoting a more adult look than ever before

c. is counting the days until she's legal and can get Billy Ray's hands off her money

Newly-announced future leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un:

a. is finally appearing in pictures after years of secrecy
b. has recently begun growing his hair out to match his daddy's

c. fired off a stern letter to Alan Alda complaining about inaccuracies in an episode of M*A*S*H he saw last week

This is a picture of:
a. a cartoon haunted house
b. a feature that was added to and then quickly removed from Farmville on Facebook
c. the reason why none of your coworkers got any work done this week
Hope you did well. Now go out there and knock 'em dead, killer!
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