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From September, 1986, to June, 1991, I attended Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY. And yes, I know that's five years. I went in knowing in advance that I was in a five-year program, so there. (Of course, I also went in as an Aerospace Engineering major and that sure as hell wasn't how I came out, but that's a whole other story altogether.)

To set the scene, Polytechnic was an engineering school deep in the heart of the worst part of Downtown Brooklyn. The whole neighborhood was comprised of shitty, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, lousy stores, crack houses, and roving bands of high-school kids from the school next door. Polytechnic was also lacking certain amenities you may have taken for granted at your school, things like modern facilities, women, interested and articulate professors, women, campus life, women, caring and efficient staff, women, students who gave a damn, and women.

During the late 80s, Polytechnic was finally getting around to building Metrotech, a modern campus with a new library, corporate neighbors, and a whole new look for the area. This, of course, required money, which required higher tuition, which led to many angry students who quickly realized they were paying higher rates so some kid too dumb to realize there are better schools out there could enjoy an improved Polytechnic in the late 90s. It's into this setting that I arrived. The cartoons on the following pages give some idea as to how much frustration, anger and disbelief (and probably several other emotions I can't even list) I was feeling at the time. If you were there, you'll appreciate these cartoons. If you weren't, you might want to check out some other part of the site instead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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