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Even in my most Scrooge-like years, I've usually tried to crank out some kind of Christmas-related item, whether it's a Happy Friday XXXMas Xtravaganza, or a Poison Pen Christmas Special, or a Coverup Report Christmas Edition, or even a Christmas comic strip. I've written a handful of Christmas stories over the years too, so the month of December is usually a very fertile creative period here at the Treetop Lounge. I've written more bad Christmas jokes over the years than anyone but Bob Hope's former writing staff, and I never even got to meet Brooke Shields. But I digress. On the following pages are a couple of old Christmas comics from the late 80s, which mark probably the first time I tried to create anything for the holiday season. They're a little hard to read, since the originals are locked away in storage right now so I was forced to scan 14-year-old Xeroxes. And also because I am in fact the world's worst letterer and back in the old days I didn't have the same computer resources I have now. But if you can somehow decipher what's going on maybe you'll get a chuckle out of them. After the comics you'll find a couple of other odds and ends from Christmases past. There were a couple of other things I'd wanted to include here, but I have to assume they're also locked in storage. Maybe next year. So just click on Toby the Wonder Beagle down below to see what lump of coal I've left in your stocking this year.

Toby the Wonder Beagle
Besides being the icon that gets you into the Christmas archives, this is also the design for a Christmas card I sent out back in 1988. I sent a couple of them just a few years ago as well. I still have a few of the original, hand-colored cards left, so maybe some day you'll find one in your mailbox. But I wouldn't camp out in the cold waiting for it if I were you.
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