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Step right up, step right up! Welcome to the Campaign Sideshow, the one place that treats the run to 2008 with all the respect it deserves. If the candidates are gonna act like clowns, they might as well have a sideshow to play in. Well be adding new booths throughout Campaign 2008, so if you're not too fond of one activity, check back later and there might be one you like. Trust me, friend, you've got a better chance of finding something funny here than you do of finding someone worth your vote out there. So step right up, step right up!

Click 'em all!
Coming Soon: The Campaign 2008 Shooting Gallery has all the information you need on all the candidates.Click a candidate and you'll get the official Tgreen 2008 opinion for him or her. Since this is a long and torturous process, you can expect that official opinion to change from bad to worse to deplorable before things are through, so feel free to check back often. Click 'em all, because one of them's gonna be your next President. Me, right now I'm voting for the duck.
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