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Some say I'm a fool, a crazy fanatic
a dreamer, a drifter and more

I guess it's true, I get ecstatic
for a new pair of boots
and the way out the door

Here at the Treetop Lounge we take a totally biased and semi-informed view on everything from pop culture to politics. The Treetop Lounge is for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take anything you see here too seriously, because life is short and baby, it's cold outside.*

* Actual coldness not guaranteed, sicne I know the Internet is a big place, but I was just outside and it's freezing here.

New this week:

Pop Life!
New content coming soon.
Happy Friday! Wherein Tgreen wishes the blogosphere a Happy New Year, then drags it over here to share with everyone else. Now with cool pictures!
t & sympathy New content coming soon.
Beach Report Wherein Tgreen gets cold and has a flashback to warmer days.
Real Live News New content coming soon.
Wherein Tgreen uses the Archives to dig up stuff best left buried, all in poorly-scanned Xerox form.
Treetop Swag!
Wherein Tgreen tries to make a quick buck. Now with links to Amazon!

A blast from the past! From the October 17, 1997 Happy Friday:

Tgreen's Top Ten Ways To Lose Your Job:
10. Hide under your desk and shout "Who goes there?" whenever anyone approaches
9. Prove yourself completely incompetent at every job in the company (Oh,
sorry, that's one of Tgreen's Top Ten Ways To Become A Manager)
8. Knit little sweaters for every stapler on your floor
7. Keep a hotplate on your desk and fry up some Spam for lunch every day
6. Hang nude photos of yourself in your cubicle
5. Whenever the boss comes near your desk, pick up the phone and pretend to
be having an argument with your cat
4. Hand out party noisemakers at every meeting to help people express
3. Arrive in your pajamas on casual day
2. Draw a chalk outline of a body on the floor of your cubicle and tell
everyone you can't discuss it because it's "police business"
1. Include the word "manifesto" in the title of every memo you write

Horny Says...

"It is clear once again that President Obama is trying to pretend we are not at war."

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, once again mouthing off about the war that somehow he was unable to win in 8 years, but apparently expected President Obama to wrap up in 8 months.

"I'm sorry. It's the coat. Its differentness is making me say things."
Better Off Ted

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